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Welcome to the Queen's Space Engineering Team!

QSET is a group of exceptional and passionate students at Queen’s University who share a desire to explore and compete in the world of Space Science and Space Technology. We are one of the largest design teams at Queen’s and have more than 100 active members covering most engineering disciplines. From mechanical and electrical, to chemical and financial, the competitions that QSET participates in offer a wide range of challenges. Operating as an independently run team offers members the flexibility and freedom required to successfully plan, research, and implement solutions to open-ended design problems.

QSET consists of two teams that operate independently on various technical projects: the Rover Team  and the Satellite Team. Members can take on a variety of projects covering a variety of skill levels, but no experience is required to join. The only requirement to join is an interest in space and engineering design. Our goal is to provide an environment where students can develop industry transferrable skills through hands-on experience!


Whether you’re a first year without any experience, or an upper year looking to challenge yourself, we have something for everyone!

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Design Competitions

Every year, QSET brings together Queen's finest students and puts their technical skills to the test as they build projects that compete against other schools across the world.

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Industry Connections

QSET aims to provide students with more opportunities to network with space industry professionals. This is through guest appearances, guest lectures, and networking events.

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QSET shares its vast technical knowledge with the rest of the university through workshops. These workshops provide other students with invaluable technical and operational skills.

Come join us in Room 115F (BMH)