Who is QSET

The Queen’s Space Engineering Team is a group of over 60 exceptional and passionate students who share the desire to explore and compete in the world of space science and technology. Created in 2006, QSET has built stand-alone, off the grid, mobile platform rovers, as well as 3U CubeSats which were all used to compete in various international space competitions (University Rover Challenge, European Rover Challenge, Canadian Satellite Design Challenge)

Our Achievements

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This past summer QSET competed in the University Rover Challenge in Utah, USA. QSET placed 6th in Canada and competed with 95 other international teams! The team is also working on their second CubeSat for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge and hope improve on their past successes. In the upcoming season, the team will be competing again in the University Rover Challenge and will be preparing for a second CubeSat competition. 

It’s fair to say that QSET has come a long way! You can check out the video to the left to get a taste of what QSET projects look like!

What Does QSET Do?

QSET provides both hands-on experience and educational value in a variety of ways.

Work Shops

QSET shares its vast technical knowledge with the rest of the university through workshops. These workshops provide other students with invaluable transferable skills. In the past, QSET has run workshops on circuitry and computer-aided design tools.

Design Competitions

Every year, QSET brings together Queen’s finest engineering students and puts their technical and collaboration skills to the test as they build projects that compete against other schools across North America.

Industry Connections

This year, QSET aims to provide students with more opportunities to network with space industry professionals. This is through guest appearances, guest lectures, and networking events.

Team Members