We rely heavily on our sponsors and in-kind donations every year to help our design team prepare and improve at international competitions. In the past few years QSET has consistently been climbing up the ranks at international space competitions. Just this year, we placed 2nd in Canada and 12th in the world at the URC. We also completed launch qualification testing at our first CSDC and we are hoping to continue our success with more competitions to come, as well as inspiring other students in space engineering.

Outreach & Presence

We showcase our sponsors on our materials at every event we attend or run. This means that you'll be featured on materials at external events such as the large design competitions and expos, as well as Kingston/Queen's events such as workshops and design showcases. This gives our sponsors great exposure and campus presence.

Connect with Students

Sponsoring us gives your company exposure to our team of passionate individuals of multiple years and disciplines. Each team member possesses their own unique technical and project management skills. QSET is aiming to run networking and guest events for our sponsors so you can come in and meet the team.


Monetary Sponsors

These sponsors are crucial to our team. They provide us with funds that allow us to:

Run events for the university and for our community
Purchase additional parts for competitions
Subsidize travel, which allows more of our hard working members to attend competitions

Equipment Sponsors

These sponsors provide us with high end equipment for us to use on our projects. These donated/discounted parts will be used when we travel to compete in various events.