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Interested in building industry transferable skills in space technology? Or do you want to work with finances, marketing, and logistics? QSET always welcomes new team members of any skill level. It does not matter if you are a first year without any experience, or an upper year looking to challenge yourself – we have something for everyone.



Electrical & Software

Work on projects that cover power systems, mechatronics, control systems, autonomous navigation, machine learning, PCB manufacteuring, and more.



Work on designing and manufacturing the mechanical components of the rover. The main projects this year are the suspension redesign, new 3D printed wheels, and modifications to the robotic arm.



Design methods for remotely detecting extraterrestrial life and determining habitability of planets. Gain useful experience in scientific research methods and experiment design. 



  Interested in understanding what goes into the operations  of a large competitive design team? Within the logistics team, there are opportunities to work on finance, marketing, industry relations, and general team logistic projects. 

QSET welcomes new members every year. Whether it’s in engineering (all kinds!), sponsorship, or marketing we are always looking to expand the team. In the early stages of the year we focus on welcoming new students to the team and introducing them to the opportunities QSET provides. Then, throughout first term and into second term students will research and design their projects. And finally, during the rest of second term the team focuses on production and manufacturing in preparation for competition.

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If you want to see more about what this team has to offer for new members, take a look at the slides below. They provide an idea about what types of projects you could get involved which cover most engineering displines and skill levels.