• 2006Space Elevator Competition
    QSET was started in 2006 by competing in the annual Space Elevator Competition.
  • 2010International Cansat Compeitition
    QSET places 2nd at the International CanSat Competition in Texas, which involved the design of a rocket payload.
  • 2012Queen's Space Conference
    QSET starts the Queen's Space Conference, the first and only undergraduate conference on space in Ontario.
  • 2013NASA Lunabotics
    QSET builds a lunar mining rover for the NASA Lunabotics Competition.
  • 2014University Rover Competition
    QSET's Mars Rover finishes 13th out of 23 competing teams in its first URC.
  • 2015University Rover Challenge #2
    QSET's new Mars Rover places 16th out of 44 competing teams in its second URC.
  • 2016University Rover Challenge #3
    QSET's rover for the 2016 URC placed 1st in Canada, 2nd in North America, and 6th worldwide out of 63 international teams.